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Dunnydeer in Black / White
21 November 2008

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Daisy Trio
5 October 2008

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Maben Polanski on Bridge
Serene. Leads the eye deep into the frame. Nicely done. :)

Magda on Harvast time
Love it!

Magda on Adele and Polly / having a lesson.
Beautiful capture! Nicely framed

Magda on Going home - Haughton Park
So very pretty....

Magda on Onlooking
Great composition

Magda on Dunnydeer in Black / White
Magnificent! Nice choice of b&w for this image

Jeffster on Dunnydeer in Black / White
Stunning b&w landscape.

pedro alexandre on Bridge
this looks like a nice place to stroll.

pedro alexandre on Dunnydeer in Black / White
great landscape, the sky is perfect and it helped the composition.

LeenaM on Dunnydeer in Black / White
I agree with others! Those clouds are so beautifully visible!

Anthony Lambert on Dunnydeer in Black / White
Very nice scene,the clouds are great.

Suzanne on late afternoon
Lovely scene. Like something out of a fairy tale.

Alphons on Dunnydeer in Black / White
Nice old fashioned panorama shot. Well done.

Charles on Dunnydeer in Black / White
Beautiful countryside. I like the choice of B&W also nice shot.

Lydie et Roland on Dunnydeer in Black / White
I do like it in B&W

JJ on Dunnydeer in Black / White
wonderful B&W capture of a beautiful landscape, love the rolling terrain, and the low clouds seeing to swallow the ...

willow on Dunnydeer in Black / White
I love all the horizontal lines of the clouds and fields and hills. Perfect contrast for B&W.

jamesy on Dunnydeer in Black / White
cool I love the cloud creeping over the hills

dj.tigersprout on Dunnydeer in Black / White
i love these beautiful smooth textures here -- everything seems to 'roll' through the frame!! just wonderful!!

PeterFH on Dunnydeer in Black / White
Great shot in b/w, lovely rolling hills. I like this one.

Veronelle on Dunnydeer in Black / White
c'est super ! tres beau noir et blanc

Linerberry on Dunnydeer in Black / White
Nicely done in B&W! A lovely flowing image:-) great stuff M:-)

Lydie et Roland on Dunnydeer in Black / White
Very nice and peacefull B&W lanscape....

Steve Rice on Dunnydeer in Black / White
Oh, I love this one! The diagonals in the fields, the detail in the clouds, and the tones throughout are all wonderful. ...

Charles on late afternoon
What a beautiful spot. Love the trees and the stone looks nice.

JJ on late afternoon
beautiful well lit urban scene, love the textures of the bridge and the house, such a beautiful area

willow on late afternoon
Another beautifully lit scene. Great composition and such a charming place. What is this place?

dj.tigersprout on late afternoon
beautiful light and color -- reminds me of pennsylvania memories in the summer when i was a child! wonderful humidity!!

Alphons on late afternoon
Simple nice athmosphere of countryside. Modes in colours. Fine.

Graham Russon on late afternoon
Lovely peaceful scene, the colours are great.

jamesy on late afternoon
Beautiful stone house and great composition

Maramy on The old House
About 11.30 am, thank you for your comment.

MaryP on late afternoon
Nicely composed, and a pretty scene but have to agree, it is a bit out of focus.

Anthony Lambert on The Deveron
Nicely done !!

Anthony Lambert on Bridge
Very nice scene,well done.

Anthony Lambert on late afternoon
The shutter speed was a bit slow,try knocking up the ISO,it would help.Nicely composed scene though !!

Hanu on Glen and Poppy - with the girls.
wow, this awesome !!!

Hanu on late afternoon
Image is little bit blurred, i think you should have used a triphod....otherwise nice shot

Hanu on Aberdeen Beach
awesome shot....

Hanu on Onlooking
color toning is superb, nice shot

Hanu on The old House
This shot is awesome, what time did you click this snap ?

Steve on late afternoon
I like the stone houses in your part of the world. They are so intriguing.

dj.tigersprout on Bridge
a beautiful depth of light and shadow -- magically so!! perfectly composed! this could be a wondrous scene from ...

willow on Bridge
Beautiful scene - the lighting is perfect and I love the textures on of the mosses and the bridge. Great shot!

Charles on Bridge
I like the way the wall leads you into the woods...nice shot.

Graham Russon on Bridge
Nice tranquil scene with great lighting.

jamesy on Bridge
Beautiful Mary great light in this shot.

JJ on Bridge
love the point of view looking over the bridge into the lovely lit trees, the long shadows really add to make such a ...

Faon on Bridge
What a sunny day ! I like the green color as everything is just brown everywhere now ...

Alphons on Bridge
Fine composition in late summercolours.

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